viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Gigi (English version)

Goddess of uncontrollable lust, eternal passion
Woman in fur golden which eventually ruled;
Flamboyant power than in men provoke,
Tear down those walls that reason demolished.
Incite to sin, but by the truth impious
What on my lips and in my meddle libido,
More than in the reality in which I find myself and live
And solitude in which I am, you summon me
And out of my head the fierce, warm reason,
Now guided by an uncontrollable desire, a sob
Gradually goes silent, lit by your smile
And the poise of what my heart is giving ...


Diosa de incontrolable lujuria, pasión eterna
Mujer en piel dorada que a la postre gobernó;
Flamígera potestad de lo que en los hombres provocas,
Derriba aquellas murallas que la razón demolió.
Incitas al pecado, más por la verdad impía
De lo que en mis labios y en mi libido provocas,
Más que en la realidad en la que me encuentro y vivo
Y por la solitud en la que me encuentro, me invocas
Y desaparece de mi cabeza la razón feroz, cálida,
Guiada ahora por un deseo incontrolable, un sollozo
Que poco a poco va callando, iluminado por tu sonrisa
Y el aplomo de lo que en mi corazón se va dando…

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

The two tombs of Dante Alighieri ...

The tomb of Dante Alighieri

If you travel to Florence and visit the Basilica of Santa Croce find the tombs of great men in history ... but you will find a surprise: the Tomb of Dante Alighieri, the greatest Italian poet of history.

Surely, if you know anything about the history of Florentine know who was exiled for life of Florence, under penalty of death if he stepped town ... and you wonder: How is it that his tomb is here ... and the answer is simple: your body is not here ....
This particular tomb is what they call a Cenotaph. This is an empty tomb, a monument of funeral character in honor of a person or persons in this case, is Dante Alighieri, symbolic type. The word comes from the Greek Kenos which means "empty" and thapos, which means "grave" ...
The real tomb of Dante is in Ravenna, a city in northern Italy ....

On this particular page, you can find a little more information about the construction of this tomb ...

Note: Photos are not my responsibility, at the foot of each page where I put them out, informational purposes only, not profit ...


Translation: Alberto Montaño

The small Sofia is carefully placed each stock, as he only observes, sitting, and entranced by contemplating a ritual that may not mean anything for her but for a man like him can mean everything.

- I think you will be even more beautiful when you reach age 30.

- Thanks, how nice ... although in this life, can’t know for sure ...

- I'll protect you whenever you want it.

- Thank you very much! But I think not, i’ll pass ... as always. Although I appreciate your attention.

- You're welcome. It's a shame…

Everything in the room is messy. The shower is still cooling down. Utensils they are scattered all over the sink. Towels on the floor, along with several used condoms carelessly knotted. In the middle of the room there’s a furniture, that’s called pony love, as a kind of monument. Everything smells like sex. And he has now permeated, into his own skin, the tender and sweet Shell of Sofía. The memory of how her sex smell, how powerful is his youth against the maturity of someone who has lived much more. Every line he wanted to record perennially in his mind, perhaps again and again return to these memories. Maybe, just maybe, a new marble bathroom walls and vague stone sculptures, carved classic, will form a new place inside the Palace of memory. A new place, a new presence fiercely Rafaela care for his protege.

Sofia has already finished putting on her tight black dress that fits perfectly to this young thin, fascinating girl. the shoes are also black shoes. She take her purse while approaching him.

- In truth I had a great time, baby. I hope to see you soon.

- I do not know, dear. My job requires me too. I'll call you, okay? I want to see you again.

- Okay - Sofia ends to fix his black, long hair. It has already been impeccable. divine vision that another client will see in a while, “though she well and wanted to go home to rest. after all, it was a day stirrers” - but call me. Bye.

A kiss on the mouth ends his visit. And while closing the door behind him, he can not help thinking a bit in the everyday life of its strong presence: the absence of fresh gauzy love. translucent shadow of what everyone wants to own but that slips through the wounds of the tears that life exhales in its history ...