domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

Reflections about betrayal...

Dante Alighieri placed betrayal as the greatest sin of man. So much so that puts those who commit some kind of betrayal at the farthest place of God: the ninth circle of Hell, where the maximum traitor to him, Lucifer is. In turn, divide the circle into four zones: The Caína (where they are punished traitors to family members), the Antenora (where are placed the politicians traitors), The Tolomea (where the traitors to friends) and finally Judea or Judeica (where traitors to God, the Church and the Empire are). And actually, this sin can also or is committed through other sins, what a double negative relation to its load capacity punishment
Everyone knows I'm worshiper of Dante. Fan. And if I share many things in common with the teacher, my vision of treachery is not far from it. If I have learned in life is that betrayal is the most infamous to do for someone, because trust, that is gained with great effort, irretrievably lost. Because I've ever betrayed.
So why talk of betrayal when the've made yourself? Why condemn so strongly? Because I grew up with a particular vision of life, inculcated from breast form, through a series of social and cultural stimuli that do spurn me so deeply that until recently I realized that the contempt to the point of punishing and self flagellate for sins committed and attempts to fix these as you can. Obviously other people do not share this view, but I find extremely worrying that in fact very few people in the world take the true measure of what betrayal might mean in a life. It has become so common in the lives of others who seem to have forgotten that sometimes the betrayal can be reached in such small ways that do not realize it.
Nor is it to commit and then fix those sins committed; it is not commit. To create an awareness of respect only if it is not shared by anyone else, at least let you sleep peacefully, knowing you're not doing anything wrong. This is one to enter consciousness that is doing something that can hurt someone else. Someone tell me that how can you know that you can hurt someone. It is true that people who do not know enough can hurt them without realizing that, if they do not tell us we could keep making the same mistake over and over again. But it is also true that there are acts that can determine whether someone could hurt. Or warn someone of something, even when you do not know enough, but we know that this can cause some discomfort or problem, we can fix just warning you. I do not know, I am aware of the complexity of the problem, but I feel the need to leave this record that involved me, that, the day I die, the knowledge of my own nature would help others like me.
I am an extroverted personality and antisocial paranoid control the excessive fury, limited by fear of the consequences of my actions. I know. But this issue is important to me. Throughout my life the most important changes that have occurred have been due to treason. Could, without much circumspection, sending the Ninth Circle of Dante's Inferno send to the Caína, as many families as I can: the Antenora to many people I know who have committed this act so deplorable me not to have a pinch unhealthy lust for damage that for which I have been convicted. But it is in the Tolomea where I can have as many enemies that someone could have. For that reason I have almost no friends. And those whom I have loved as such have been, along with family members, who dealt the most infamous treachery against me or against others, acts I've witnessed. Have been "friends" who have changed more than once the course of my life completely.
I also charge with my good sins, could not see me in any circle of hell in a moment. Because it would be at all. I'm sure God would split my soul to pay for each and every one of the nine circles, to pay for eternity my sins. Not that I regret: I do, but do not deserve even light purgatory. I have to go to hell for what I've done, with repentance as my greatest burden, to purge my convictions. but I will see those who have done so much damage to me and I've loved, I hope, as in the story of Count Ugolino's Inferno teacher in a position to compensate the worst punishment. Only I hope, so I try my hand good make as much good as possible, so that my punishment I can have some peace to see the distance to those who download my eternal wrath.
I delve deeper into the subject ...

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