miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

The faint dance of desire...

He slowly removes her clothes, as she closes her eyes and feels his livid grow. That warmth that rises slowly from her pussy until her cheeks redden. Raise your arms out to her blouse, revealing those, well shaped, upright, skin-small breasts every touch, which causes a small electric convulsion, causing a muffled interspersed with a short groan, laugh full of pleasure . He knows and is dedicated for a moment to kiss and lick the bust, first stop of pleasure that have long desired and now, in this place, that park alone can search. They had been there a while and no soul had peeked at that time. And then the blush was telling the time until I explode with a desperate kiss, full of passion.
Then drop your arms awkwardly trying unsuccessfully her bra. She lets out a small laugh and a bit of its lethargy easily unzips what it cost him both without achieving any result, when all the time as saying "silly, let me". The yields and blush, embarrassed. A kiss tells you to move on, that should not stop. Then resumes with gentle pace, taking and caressing her breasts. She closed her eyes, can only feel every sensation. Every touch, every kiss him, direct to your skin, it causes an indescribable sense of joy. Never someone had touched as well. She loved him, it was true, but now the pure pleasure, a passion that seemed insane, ruled his mind, inducing to think things sane probably not even think. This was just an extraordinary warmth. And he did not mind in the least. The sense of danger that anytime someone could see them, maybe call a patrol, had excited as never before. And she was willing to give in, even if it was only once all these adventure that was happening deliciously.
But the violent spasm that shook like that, when I come to her sex and her tongue began to explore every inch, shook. That I do not know.What a terrible joy!What a pleasure felt now! and his hands took her hair, pulling all he could for her. She wanted him inside. I wanted to feel it, but could not get rid of such impressions. The effect of his tongue on her clit gave her things, her mind was completely blank, as if ready to receive whatever he may cause.
And he knew it. You could read well the head, the next step left in an absolute ecstasy: Unable to resist more and maybe skipping the pleasure of a blowjob to her prize could have offered, simply got up, grabbed her firmly by the waist and high back and pulled towards you, pooling their sexes and before he could respond with pleasure and without leaving your head as a powerful orgasm, born of sudden change, entered her, causing her close to again her eyes as she hugged him. The bench was just perfect: I had the perfect height for the knees still could accommodate sex inside her, thrusting aggressively, but taking over of the latter a rather slow, rhythmic swing. And only the moans of both the interlaced sweat, one twisted body in the purest form of carnal bliss, formed in an endless spiral of delicious pleasure: irrepressible avatar of the craziest desires clashed irreversibly tied up for a while and place outside if: this was at this time his love. No they did: it was already there and we only molded to the motion of her hips.
How will dance lasted? Only they would know the end. The final orgasm, shared, made them do their heads back simultaneously while trying to unravel every sensation and enjoy it more intensely. She was leaning heavily on banking, while panting heavily; every ounce of strength left him now while his will a moment relaxed. I wanted to say so many things. But he could not. All that love had just demonstrated that a purely carnal act, but it evoked an analogy with what your heart and it felt mutual form.
I slowly stood up. He was very tired, but it was worth it. I had never communicated with anyone like that, just actions. With the body. With a longing, a desire which robbed the will to fight. Only he had to do something. That moment would go with forever ...

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