martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

There are women...

There are women who lie as you love,
Women who hate you while you deprive
of absolute truth and humiliate you,
women with flavor notes.

There are women who are fed by envy
other women, without realizing
that the best delay in the soul
is cloud it with huge delays.

Lavishes key that gives birth to the world,
because of her all born, shimmery, tramp.
instant burning to absorb his gaze
and cause the lean anger.

There are men who do this and more,
without the charm of a look, a voice
orillen you to ecstasy World
when you say "I love you".

There are women who are life and death in one;
spasm of life: scepter and crown.
Light and darkness, opening and pagoda
Smile more simple ...

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