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Super Lopez No. 8: The Hell...

"... Hell's way, the lame walk as the wind ..."
El Diablo Cojuelo, Revista Ole! 28, Super Lopez: El infierno. Ediciones B, 1996. Jan

Juan López Fernández, better known as Jan, is a Spanish cartoonist emblematic of the Spanish humor comic, who creates in chapter 28 of the series Super Lopez a good tribute to Dante Alighieri and his Comedy.
A man named Sanatas has arrived at the office of the Chief - who is at that moment with Lopez talking about why he has behaved weird lately - to collect a debt, product of a pact ... With the devil! Pact that has resulted to the boss too much for the cost of payment, which is his soul.
Thus, after escaping from the thugs of Sanatas and after his transformation, Super Lopez will find the way, through the help of the Devil Cojuelo, to enter the nine circles of hell, in order to obtain the contract before Lucifer Enforce the rescue clause for the Chief's soul ...

Jan makes his base of this story of three different slopes with a similar theme: Take the Faust of Goethe and shapes the first part of the story. De Luis Vélez de Guevara takes the Devil Cojuelo and transforms him into a comic character, capable of putting in serious trouble to Super Lopez in his eagerness to take the contract of the Chief to Lucifer, feat that causes the absurd trip of this one for the nine Circles of Hell. But most of the story is based on the engravings of Gustave Doré and Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
I will not dwell on the details of each circle, this being a page dedicated among other things to the Comedy. But he does emphasize that part of the narrative framework is based on a restructuring that Lucifer is trying in hell, now called Infierno Park. Wow, that is updating it. And it is in this commotion that Super Lopez pursues the Devil Cojuelo, which, in turn, we would say, serves as a kind of guide, running all the time but in turn taking the protagonist through each circle.
There are several references by means of vignettes or commentaries between the personages to Spanish locations, to the Novel the Devil Cojuelo or the Divine Comedy, etc. On this page you will find a good guide to some of the meanings or to which certain vignettes refer:


It is said that Pope John Paul II - I do not know nor could find evidence of this fact - He said that hell really existed. Jan then I look for and document and the final result was this comic that to my opinion is entertaining, Full of references and following a logic with respect to the supreme work of Dante that few have pursued, besides being perfectly documented and up to date in some Aspects (the intrusion of Benito Mussolini, Napoleon, Franco and Joseph Stalin, whom he ironically puts together with those already mentioned). A recommendable Tebeo (which is what they call comic magazines drawn in Spain, following a children's magazine of the 80's, published in Barcelona) if it is achieved because it is very rare ...

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