viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Romina (Second way)

Cruel ghost that haunts until sleep depth
evokes you, lying to you, because you pamper round,
in the solitude of contention with the threshold you look,
loneliness that deifies you ...

Rising need to see you without further delay that inhibit
the heart rate and melody; I know fervor, fine frame
of good moments that return to my aching love
and allow the grace of the hollow feeling in your force.

Distends the vulgarity of my words in my defeat
to splurge your sensual naivete exempts it touches,
because the gentle breeze of your look, in my soul, subverts
and enjoys the suffering of this young agency that casts splendor.

In the vastness of the void in my soul that you are looking at the instants
that, lost in the crowd, in the rain, with stepped kiss
the past that you look to the future that ignores you, vague fantasy
the labors of the ruins that have death instead of heart ...

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