martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014


Since I can remember I have heard phrases like "back and to build momentum," "see the past not to repeat it", "do not make the mistakes of yesterday" and so, I could list endless phrases, however, do not touch a topic that I think is as important as past mistakes ... What happens to the good things that happen to us? What happens to the successes of yesterday? Why are many too. And in the case of errors, I just think that actually occupied the past as a means to avoid making more mistakes but a small percentage of these experiences and more than justifiable responses to such behavior: if renting, for example, you failed in some form in the past and in your present another person is to fall in the same situation, you may allow me to do thinking that this person will do the same to you; this does not mean you're a fool for falling into the same mistake twice, but logically already have a few and hope, faith in others. Why not give them the same opportunity? Sure, when after many times you do so, or only two, which are, you stop giving that opportunity, surely no one will reproach you give them that opportunity. Or they could do to surprise you this time things well and not fail you.
Let's say that on occasion steal something, to know how it feels. The range of possibilities is enormous: you can get away with it and there you can make several choices: either you can be satisfied and horrified with the experience and not to do it anymore, or be sorry caught with their hands in the dough and there with the bad experience I not to do in your life, or you can decide to do it again, in the end it is in the last chance you will not be caught, therefore, have not tried the bad experience of being caught or you can do it again, and again, get caught or not, simply because a) because you do not care, b) because your life has brought you to this, c) you liked, d) because you 're forced and many other options. The options can be endless.
Maybe in your life you've never used drugs. May be due to: a) You never had need; b) will you document, either watching you or near you observe in research and other effects that they caused, so decided not to do it anymore, or maybe c) A thousand and one different events or circumstances.
Many things in my past I have been willing to repeat. Many events have decided to re-live them, in the same way that lived in those dire times, but with certain precautions. I have encountered several times with the same stone and who says no, honestly and experience, is lying. Because of the repetition of the events in our lives, not only must see experience but feelings, intelligence, reflexes and endless elements in our body and mind sets, create our person.
Nor do I believe that one can live in the past: it is because that technically involve a time machine or something. But one can certainly live with the past as a guide for each day, so if you can get quite dangerous or very challenging, depending on how you take it. Unfortunately, we are the greedy animal that exists on this planet. So we took as we do many things that happen every day, I preferred one past and one that we deal with. Then do not really learn from the mistakes of our past, but those of us who believe we really help. This is not bad: it's just the human condition. Because in reality we choose to be a mistake, it does not matter and that is right. Thus, our value judgments are not 100 percent reliable. What is highly condemnable for some, for others not the slightest importance.
So while I understand that others do, for me has no real meaning saying phrases like that first name. I look into my past and if there are parts of my past that should not offend again. But then, can we fall in love, if ever the mechanism is the same, but with slight variations only? How could I hope to improve as a person, if not in life find many errors in different guises throughout my life? How could at least try to live through my writing with people from other countries, ignoring their language, if not at least attempt to use a translator and learn. If, as they say, or back to gain momentum, how is that experience take my mistakes? What's more, I think, by pure logic, if you jump only force that will generate your legs without taking a pulse and is a more or less great distance, probably will not make it. There is nothing wrong with taking momentum. What is really bad is ever going forward, but only back ...

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