jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

My feelings for you...

Here's the order of things. Not because I remember them or because they have been inculcated. What is that for them the simplicity of your look of fire is. That smile that gives me so much peace. In the faint light of your life with mine.
Here's the order I like. The routine that encourages me. The path that I have decided to recreate the stormy way of life that has been given to me. The order in which I can, from time to time, change a risk, surprise, a regulation, just to see you again, and knowing myself unreservedly yours.
This is the order that you taught me, since you saw me in the eye for the first time and I always miss for a "Hi, how are ?!" where torrential nights that turned into delicious and inaccurate moments of time approaching to nothing. A kiss that tasted like heaven. I love a denoting a promise.
Here's the order of my feelings for you. For your heart and soul. My admiration for you that intelligence peaks and enlarges you. That simplicity with which you see life, when I only see complexity. Here's the order of things when you hold my hand and tell me everything will be alright...

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