sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

And if I told you that I write to you...

And if I told you that I write to you... through the tapestry of these memories so affectionately call mine ... That awakening each day your picture is supporting me to keep going, despite my dead waiting for me in happy Valley. And if I told you I give every breath hoping that is directed towards you. May you be happy. Even without you smile at me.
And if I told you that I write to you, ready to explode every time the purity of the leaf and so, my passion is yours. That conquered me that look that is translated into each character to speak to people about yourself, as I met you ... That I'm a better man for you. And if I told you to tell them all about you. How I write, so that, from voice to voice, someday this message reaches you. And if I told you that I write to you, for you to be proud of me. I write only to have you present. To continue living, for fear that my old heart and, stops as these lines are completed, as that loom that never ends its work to avoid the tragedy concerning royalty, raises the desire; And if I told you I write to you, for the sole purpose that the world does not stop and continue to turn to nature to your personality will print every day because you generate interest for him is worth it.
They import the affections of the anxiety not hear from you! All that matters is this soul provide the certainty that at some place and time to time choose, you'll see. And then, seeing the eye, taking you out of hand, I will say that I write this to you ... because I love you and always will be ...

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