miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

First Stone...

Note: I translate to English using a translator, so apologies for any errors in translating, I just want to share my lyrics and my feelings ...

Parade to me the cruel smile of my beloved city,
its winding stone alleys overlap me.
Behind its doors unkind glances
and promise of the faithful heart that tears me.

You started as temporary, stone outbreak
what is not achieved in one time
to stay forever at the foot of the river,
to green over time.

So you were filled with shank meat and blackberries;
of ballast locution your heroes, vine
the blood of a thousand kings who dwell in you and
because they thousand hours and passes.

Sobbing at my doors, a sacred day
and the witnesses are now only time
open jaws of cruel stories
and divisions that are set in my memory.

Pass before my my mentor, my teacher
to give me the new divine
and crimped in the eternal source of life
and renegotiate the terms of their surrender ...

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