viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

In the darkness...

A simple touch of your hand enough. You kept your sanity until now, that frantic although silent, I go crazy without knowing love. With the darkened room I feel your hands down my face. Recording the journey with your mind. Feeling every curve, every line. I'm sure you memorize every moment of exquisite pleasure, silent. You start by my eyes, whose stroke you gently outlining, to complete the entire form, and then separating your hands to continue a bumpy road, with the sole purpose of completing an image that tie it in your head there, information, about my face. Every move is slow, smooth. Sometimes your fingers come off my skin, but small hairs, invisible, provide a barrier that protects the environment, tighten, causing small as they are, an exquisite sensation. I had never felt this way with anyone. Just you and me. In a moment that can encompass all eternity.
Now with the dorsal part of your hand between your knuckles mean, you begin to stroke again. This time you are looking for new routes mark on my face with the back of your hand. My feelings begin to multiply, while all terminals are tightened my skin pleasure. They are foreign to my feelings. No one had ever touched me like you do right now, trying to rebuild, blindly, my way in your memories. You too can feel things, I know but I can not see you. Your hand is small, so walking path and enjoy more slowly. All this wealth of experience certainly is serving. You'll never see me the same way, now that you've taken a path that neither you nor I will return unharmed. Hurting us with that feeling of distance that enervate us forever, while you end eventually your journey.
Now it's my turn. But I begin by shaping your lips, making my pilgrimage even more slowly. This is a highly sensitive area, we know from experience, but never put us to investigate how deep may be trademarks transit stop for that. And when I finish, I begin to move my fingers, tucking my hands slowly without you noticing until it is too late. Then, as a final step, I take full your face in them. Your form is mine. And in the darkness of nothing that has allowed us to take this step without knowing it, I approached my lips to yours, do not resist the ultimate pleasure that we were prohibited ...

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