lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

One time...

There was a time when I make my desire. I never did anything, but I felt my blood boil and that feeling stayed forever. There was a young man. An angel whose beauty lit long flame of passion pointless as it was only natural: in only one case was a "hello" and was as withered as a result of the same circumstances, which do not generate reactions or her or mine.
There was a time when I felt the lost youth and wanting to return to a body with traces of the already advanced age. A spark that would, for a moment, turned on so that exploded in all its magnificence, as if to show the world that could ignite the flame of a love that never prosper. A feeling that just sprang from a hole where once had a heart beat and where now only ashes were.
There was a time when I pretended to love in a complete form. Hit. Sincere. To a stranger. Maybe think of that adventure could take me off guard showed me a thousand and one things, only to retornarme slowly my world with a lesson of what I would be enough to revive the distance from their eyes bright sweet age gift Early in which the beauty many victories agenda.
There was a time when I gave my heart to a stranger. And I knew immediately that this brief sore in the tapestry of my time would give me a gentle reminder of the time he pretended to be a young man who loved a young complete stranger ...

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