miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

Talk between divine...

Virgilius                                                                                                                        Beatrice

Greetings blessed Goddess
you descend luminous throne
What dirimes in this abbey,
that the lower depths paradise?

I come to you for a commission,
glorious ancient poet destination
that red keys world
cruel way was prepared.

It is my hope that guies
the man who longs for me
the sigh of one who gives everything,
and you take it to its former glory.

My sweet and divine lady:
your wish is for my livelihood
what my runs attentive
by now describe the environment

Tell me your name and there will be no delay
your request as sanctified by faith,
the light that made you lose with honor
to tell this humble spirit to do

His name is Dante and you will hear from him
by faith in you, poet of old,
He has been deposited since I was novel.
Right is your word give shelter.

And when you have crossed the valley of sorrow
and the mountain of the wicked repentance,
I'll meet you at the foot of the green valley
and he and I will continue our way.

So, after saying goodbye
I began the trek
that the holy lady had to go
by my steps to the golden forest ...

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