domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


And there it was. A small Catrina whom they had named Catherine, watching carefully. And I make this statement because most vividly seen her to look at me at any given time. I swear! She was looking for the phone. I myself had arranged to take a picture and upload it to social networks. I thought at the time charming detail. But now she was sitting in her little chair, on my desk, with the head turned directly to where I was.
At first turn where my colleagues to make sure someone else was a witness. If that happened, no one would cross out of crazy. But there was no answer. All were tucked in their affairs, so if I said anything, I would be laughed at by the whole office. So I kept doing my job. But at times it felt. That leer. Desnudadora. Diabolical. Sometimes overcame my fear and turned. There was scrutinizing me with those plastic eyes. It was not even possible for the two tiny black colored balls were in that position, because the eyes were hollow: gravity had to be at the bottom, giving the impression that saw original down. And yet I was watching.
Get out of my seat, gripped by a fear infinity as the eternal grin curved, giving the impression that I was smiling.
- Moved! I swear! Moved!
Everyone looked at me astonished. The way I got out of my chair was enough to understand that there was some kind of joke and my face probably showed my legitimate terror. But distracted for a moment, decided to follow in his routine. One of them turned to where I pointed, and immediately looked back to his task. Puzzled by the lack of response I steeled myself and turned my head only to find it was right in its original form. It did not seem to have moved or deformed in any way. However, when I sat back, gave me the impression that turned around to me, smiling, sideways ...

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