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As the smoke slowly faded, the figure stood naked. Height of 1.64 meters, the burly man had looked very sturdy, but confused, not knowing how he got here or who was the voice that spoke to him, only managed to remain provocative, arrogant. Although he was scared, he was a soldier and his king would not run away from it.
'I told you not to move, young soldier. The voice spoke perfect-Old Persian have no idea where you are or what purpose will fulfill here, but will be glorious for you and the others who have been "stolen" from their places of origin.
- Who are you? Bears waking the fury of Anusiya, bringing me to a place I am not with my family? Did you know well that your death is what you've earned as are?
-Quiet, warrior. Not sure where you are or if you die. But do not worry. These friends. We just want to make you an offer. You'll have some time to think though you can not leave here. If you accept the gift, the glory will cover you and your ancestors. If you refuse, you will simply return to where you belong.
The proud mercenary reasons and did not understand. He had begun to seek, in the darkness, in terror, an exit. The light illuminating the center of the room had stopped cause tranquility, as he realized that it was not natural. There was a hole in the roof! The gods were playing a joke ... or was it the work of Ahriman. Surely Zahhak was setting a trap and was in some kind of purgatory, although not imagine why: he was a good husband and fervent soldier. Anyway groping, until he realized that there was no escape. Then he began to cry. The voice was silent. Perhaps the devil he was doing this he was having fun at his expense, so I try to calm down. I would not give that pleasure. The, for years, had been a Anusiya very proud of his lineage and his king would be proud of him.
- Quiet soldier. You are speaking the truth-was someone else with him. What kind of magic was this? - Just relax. I think I can explain everything, if you calm down and give me your word that you will not make any attempt to escape. Fulfil your word to free if you do not accept the offer. And I think, the most noted, asked to speak with you personally.
From the shadows emerged. Then the warrior could see clearly through the magical sun, amid the place, who would speak that way. And he acknowledged. It was him. He brought his characteristic armor, metallic leather lined. Although noticed that, unlike traditional colors Greeks this armor was black. From the greaves and sandals. The skirt was loose strips of black leather too intense. The breastplate and back also black, white complexion magnify man standing before him. But the shield, one of a kind, made just for the son of the Goddess by Vulcan, confirmed his thoughts. He immediately bowed to pay respect to that of the light feet that spoke of both the legends of his people, the mighty warrior, Ἀχιλλεύς Αἰακίδης.
I see you recognize me, fearful Athanatoi. Then you will know that my words are true. Come, let's talk and see the wise decision of my words and I'm sure that we will reach an agreement. What's your name?
- Megistias, Alfeocenis son, lomarka Corinth campaign.
- Well. Conversemos, young warrior ...

As soon as they heard the whispers in the shadows of the place. Whoever was in that kind of interrogation knew that there, in the dark, two men off the charts were talking in a language that only they understand: the war. But above all, they knew that this was the start of something big.
And they urged the eleven men in the room sounds. This window on top of the interrogation area, covered by a special glass that camuflajeaba to blend into the shadows of the great hall which was the eye of the storm at the time, was not only a place to perform these practices . No ... went beyond that. The gray circle on the floor was just the visible part of a gigantic machine that actually did what many men had desired, wanted and dreamed in the past two thousand years. They were masters of this, and thus fulfill the wishes of one who was far above them. The goddess that responded had given them a curse and were willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of fulfilling its mandate, the bloodiest way possible.
-Lebbeus ... everything goes according to the minutes. What else would you suggest that? - Matthew, the man sat frowning while crossing the left leg in the opposite direction indicated. Lebbeus, who was turning his back looking down, as if he knew where were those in the celestial room, did not move as they responded.
-Calm your cravings Matthew. - Turning now to confront his accuser. The other men in the room located just watched. Soon we will have ready-to these men. Then we can start the discussion. We have lived long enough to know that this is the way, do not understand why it bothers you so much ...
-It bothers me because time has passed and we are just glimpsing the nature of our actions. It bothers me that we have not taken the necessary steps to initiate discussion of Malachi. It bothers me that ...
-Silence-Simon broke the dialogue, always serious. His beard was long since disappeared, but the bulk of his eyebrows was his trademark. Has sounded the alarm. Akilleus has finished its work. Ábranle the door, we want you to know .... Megistias

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