domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


It was night and he was surprised that he was so damn far from home. I should walk, for the hundred dollars he had in one of his pockets alone would make him a target of theft, rather than help him get home. So he sailed through the streets, which, even though it was already dawn, people outside had the occasional house. It gave him confidence. The problem would be coming to the Board of Xochiaca. The place, that yes it was completely dark and lonely by the immensity of the avenue. Dreary, gloomy. That one scared him. But there was no way to get home, walk around the board until the avenue seven and walking up the avenue there Pantitlan or take a van and pray that everything went well.
It took a few minutes when he lost all sense. Just remember that moon and the face of a woman with a cake in hand tamale. But was it a dream? A nightmare? We gave ten in the morning and he was at home resting.
He got up and was surprised when I get to the bathroom ... ensangrantado all panicked. What had happened? What was going on with him? Decided first of all take a bath and then dressed and out to investigate to see if something was out of the everyday context. Or that the gossips of the neighborhood knew something and could know.
Nothing. Everything was as normal as ever. -Maybe it was a dream, he thought. Lso probably still under influence of alcohol, he thought it was blood. Equal treatment and only mud, fell and so drunk and did not even notice. Yeah, that must have been.
As always, past the newsstand paused to see the headlines, because he did not like to buy newspapers, but rather that he could read as well and be a little aware. And that's when he saw her. The paper clearly showed it. The guerita was there, lying on the floor. On one side, a tamale cake half-eaten. Quickly pulled out a few coins, barely enough to buy a newspaper and to the surprise of the seller to the nascent upheaval, and continued recovery in its affairs. And as he walked, he realized what they were saying: that some sort of giant animal attacked her in the street, just as he had just bought the cake, because only that explained the nature of the wounds, not human. And as he walked, his heart resumed normal rhythm. Surely everything would have to be a bad dream, a joke, much like the dream that mingled in his mind of wolf ..

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