miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Days off (I)...


It was dark and I walked alone , with no fixed direction which allowed him to toe Francisco , when thinking about the feelings that plagued terribly - as if a deep needle pierced his heart mercilessly , that any other way would have died desolate - not I see the light that arose about ten feet from him. Crossing the street was ripe for the birth of that luminous place vortex whose size was increased in a few seconds, so that at some point he could not see anything around her , having turned towards the light thinking a truck to run him out , and finding out immediately to any situation or escape was surprised by the light spot .

Without leaving their initial astonishment, rose beyond the ground, controlled by a hand whose strength seemed terrible enough to lift that plump and heavy mass with extreme ease , making him see the young man who would have no chance with the Raiders this gauge . Scarcely a year had survived the assault wounds of a product , whose sanity questioned , and whose psyche they traumatized long . -Oh , God , now if they are going to kill, and I thought as she kept hovering , wondering somehow if he or they had that power , why the so blind him first? They would perhaps ? Enemies , seeking not to be identified , in order to cause the most damage ? He had already happened so and even if it was just a light tap , a jealous guy had placed him suddenly , with no real basis whatsoever , he gave good to think about the magnitude of their claims sooner or later will lead to a situation like I was living .

As the light was fading , the suspicions of several subjects came true , so gathered his courage , hoping sometime stun his captor, and so escape , or delay the beating , so if someone could help watched . More yet, as the strange light faded , giving way to a kind of door. Beside her , the subjects who watched him, but of which only saw shadows due to stunning light, flanking and one big man who had raised him was placed in a proper place , making do with it that perhaps you were saying with their actions that go in there .

So I enter . Moved more by fear than by a real curiosity. What do you expect there? Did you kill him ? Anyway , I'm dead if I stay here with them , he thought as he walked, dazed yet. It was hot . These bulbs should be intense but for the amount they were using probably feel a hell thought that was very warm and although the matter was not to feel some pain or some burn care: rather it was a pleasant warmth.

Did not know how he walked . Among do it slowly to avoid tripping over something and alert you anytime a blow , a shot , something that could damage it , made him be as mindful of your personal space. At least try to defend one last time. He, a minor drug dealer , was scared. I thought it was there, in that place, before the blinding light , to die . But as the lights started to become weaker and could be a weak idea what was treading ground , he realized it was inside a building or industrial building , judging by the size . There were people there with him, surrounding him . Do your executors ? Captors ? ? Why were taking so much trouble for someone who had not done anything outstanding in his life ? What had I done wrong? Then he saw it . There, over the back , sitting in a kind of chair. Looked more like a throne for the arrangement and there agglomerates men around him. A simple old man in a suit . Staring at him . Francisco under the eye , just to shake with the first voice heard in a long time . yes ... the old man was talking to him ...


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