viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

Days Off (III)...

Suddenly the lights went out . As the pain was instantly ... I had no idea that it had happened, but only mattered at that time no longer have any pain.
¬ Then he realized that something was very wrong : all those big men who participated in the ritual had changed : their faces were very different, as if some kind of sin the sullied and warp their faces until they become monstrous . And look at his hands by reflex , terror filled his soul , even though his face was expressionless : it had suffered diabolical transformation that could reaffirm your casual companions were now monsters , but ... for what purpose ? Did you serve this man these malevolent forms if they still retained their souls?
- Now is completely mine, the smile now that man caused the greatest terror. As Francisco had closed eyes, uncontrollable pain Dam had rejuvenated the old man too . Now he was a young man. And it was too obvious , since the features were the same , only without the trace of the years.
- I know you are thinking. And do not worry - . Rejuvenated His voice now echoed through the room with the power gained age - I have a few days to reflect on this new opportunity that fate gives them . Now they will be taken to their rooms. Most of you already knew they faced when they made this decision . Others were not so fortunate or resisted - At that moment with a sneer turned his face towards me and some intense gray eyes met me over there was any sign of disgust or contempt for the new effigy Francisco. On the contrary , it seemed liked the new way in a few days - but their minds are resorbed within themselves as a side effect of the transformation. Forget what they were and their new personalities emerge , we need avatars for the coming war . You, my children ,will be the general that will give us the victory !
By the time the end of his victory speech , Francis already had taken arms two men who probably were in the shadows, ready to obey his master . When you no longer have, for the moment, the ability to speak , he could do nothing and heard everything and without any possibility of escape. Some of the monsters were now walking free will , some were taken as support only while the prisoner Francisco now delivered to the force . Still could not understand why this happened to him . Hoping someone will then take your time to explain . After all , it seemed that time was that now there was plenty of it.
His mind was clear . The heaviness of her new face prevented him from moving properly . Already installed in a room that was not too bad, considering that if he was a prisoner , I wanted to mourn , but it seemed that he had lost that ability. After a while of trying unsuccessfully to dedicate their efforts to meditate. There had to be some way to explain it to all the events that occurred miserably. Or probably elucidate the plans were forged without noticing the ...

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