jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Days off (II)

- Took you to get there, boy - an oily voice, cavernous , arose from that old . For a moment it seemed that Francisco voice came from someone much younger ... But here we are, all ready to complete at last, after so long , the ritual ...- What is this? What ritual? Why do I want here , who are they? - The terror and began to dominate Francisco ...-Shut up , fool ! Always go out with your nonsense , but this time I made sure that did not leave here unless we release the full power of the runes ...Francis realized that he was in a place out of the ordinary ... forming a sort of star of David , left the floor, each point representing a peak of the star, the same number of cylinders , each with a small beam light above , covering what appeared to be some objects. The light is not allowed to know at first glance that objects were . Ten men were stationed at each of the points of the star. One of them pushed francisco to one of those old cylinder and finally placed in missing the point . Another man approached Francisco and placing the barrel of a gun to my head I whisper to do what the old man said .

-Ik such tikiante exquianim ! Resurface , oh Rare ! Resurface !

Immediately all the men put his right hand inside of each beam. Francisco did when the man behind him touched him with the gun to his head , although it took a bit of fear. Each light beam deflected its path straight up and wrapped each of those involved in this mysterious rite.Suddenly, when the last light had enveloped the last man , they began to writhe in immense pain . But could not seem to take off his hand from the beam. Francisco had never felt such intense pain, this took away the forces , but could not take his hand. What cared he was killed by a bullet ! That pain was so strong it was worth stop feeling pain,but could not hand off ! What a pain !A slight sound had continued to grow since it all began. And now, when the pain was more intense, those men who did not participate but they also suffered the terrible sound , like a lament that irritated the soul . Everyone, absolutely everyone , dams were unimaginable pain . All but one : the old man remained intact , with a laugh trying to compete with the sound ....

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