lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Cada día pienso en tí...

Every day I think about you
I do not worry if you hate.
The Sun in my chest demonstrates
That I am wrong. It was not the age.
And whatever happens,
This one is my fault. I cannot see it.
I will pay for the long time.
But I love you, and I will raise
A bad joke, that will be right
It's that only about you
And I imagine you every day
Before going to sleep and my first change.
it was you, it was you.
The same can write, it's stupid, Hi?
I don’t know even why I write this
But my heart guides me in weekend.
Loose my mind a little in a moment
And i reborn with singular trading
A material for other, that’s the pact,
Will remain until you arrives…

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