viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

The monster (English version)

Note: The present written has been translated totally by help of a translator.

The stinking breath of the monster was breathing heavily in the whole place, as if it was a way of impregnating his essence and that was not known where it was situated. The child was trying to be kept uselessly still. He was feeling that all his body on having trembled, was provoking an unbearable noise, a beacon in order that the giant was finding it. He was imagining, then, that the maddened titan would take him with his enormous arms - claws and would divide it in two.
The growls were happening of a side, after other one. Sometimes, the little kid was remaining a good moment in an alone hiding place, after, was remaining a few instants and at once it was changing nook, with the only purpose of trying to confuse to the beast. But it did not know if it was giving proved this, the only strategy, since the creature was taking furthermore time that he without appearing, without appearing. It seemed that it was playing with him. And certainly he was hunting it. It was the dam.
Sometimes it seemed to hear, or, seeing to him even, the voices or the ghostly bodies of all those children who were falling dams of the nightmare that now was following it, incessantly and mercilessly. Some of them him were whispering, between canticles that it was not managing to understand, that there was giving up itself, that alone it was putting to the step and that the thing would entrust itself of the rest. That were thinking in a better place thanks to it that it had mangled them with so much brutality, according to the child it saw days behind in some cuts of newspapers and that, furtively it had seen when his parents did not see him, since they had avoided him to show these images and, that they were tormenting since then. All these recollections were happening fast in his brain, while the fear was motivating to his body to returning rapidly to the reality. The instinct of conservation was begged to continue moving not to be detected.
It had to think rapidly, but every time it him was less possible. The fear was dominating every fiber of his being; his body was manipulating as if it was a question of a simple puppet, of forms that he had never imagined. And since it was in learning process, since scarcely he was a small child, did not know that more to do. It wanted to cry, but it could not! The being might hear it and swift it would be going to kill it. It did not know that more to do. It was sweating copious, but it could not be controlled. Even he was thinking that in some moment it would be done of the bath.
A shout. Horrifying since it could be, it bristled every centimeter of the body of the young person. The sound was amplified in such a way that it could not guess wherefrom it was coming, so I begin to run. Still when already it was very a night, his playful spirit, spirit that lé had put into this problem, enough good knew the place. After everything, followed it was coming to play with his friends in this so wooded zone. Everything was a part of the friendship between the boys of the people: it was one of the best forms of establishing a bow that was joining them of so many people and so varied forms. And during generations it had been of this form. For it the parents were never opposed to that his children were entering zones ran deep of the forest. But one had never seen any creature that could cause so much terror. Only once years behind in that a murder was causing commotion in such a small people, but due to the fact that it had been an assignment for foreign people towards other one of out it had calmed the waters and returned the confidence gradually to the rustics.
In the last weeks it was when it was initiating the terror. The small one was not understanding very well: only it wanted to come back home. It knew that some of his friends had disappeared and his dads were not saying to him well to which it owed. And after having been smelly in those cuts, he was finding out that they had reappeared, completely ruined. In most cases, with parts of his body eliminated and in some cases, it was said that it seemed that they had been started to grafts. And for much that it was trying to think, the concentration was breaking rapidly, in view of the horror of which, at any time, it was caught by the beast.
Another howling. I raise the child the more rapid thing that could and begin to run, already having lost the local knowledge where it was, due to the fear. It did not want to see backward; only it wanted to go out of there and not to return until they were catching to the monster.
 While it was falling to the soil with the leg destroyed by the blow that had just be aimed, in this instant, he understood that he would not return to see anybody either. And while it was crying of fear and pain, since in an image that slowly moviera, it saw the gigantic claw to approach, insurance already of that in a few days also they would find him ruined …

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